Mechanical Design

Brackets/ Housing/ Secondary Structure

Brackets/ housing/ secondary structures are often needed to mount components to the primary structure. Due to the different environments it must survive, the design of Bracket/housing/secondary structure can be a complicated task. SOLIENG engineers have long experience in the design of brackets/ housing/secondary structures to meet the specification mass, stiffness and environmental requirements.

Design for Alignment Considerations

Alignment is one of those obvious design concepts that can be very critical for some products such as dish pointing devices, spacecraft antenna, … etc. The design of equipment supporting alignment critical components is a challenging task. Our team has the technical knowledge and capability to design equipment for alignment considerations giving the component the flexibility to be adjusted properly at the integration level to meet the alignment requirements

Handling Equipment

Handling/Transportation equipment for subsystems and fully integrated systems are very important. Handling/Transportation equipment for subsystems must be designed in a fashion that allows flexibility in the integration process while maintain the strength to withstand all the loads with sufficient margins. Handling/Transportation equipment for fully integrated system(s) are very crucial and must provide safe handling and/or transportation. We accommodate all the design needs using our design process which collects input from all parties involved in the subsystem/system including operations, repair/maintenance, and integration & testing



Test Fixtures

Test fixture design is one of the most challenging problems especially for fixtures of dynamic testing. Poor fixture design may result in exceeding the test equipment capability which will force the use of higher capability test equipment and in turn will drive the testing cost higher. Additionally, if the fixture dynamic behavior couples with the test article’s dynamic behavior, the test may be unsafe for the test article. Our methodology for test fixture design involves input from all parties involved including component design, mounting features, test equipment capability, integration of the test article with the fixture, integration of the test article/fixture assembly with the test equipment, and test levels. The primary goal is a safe test that meets all the requirements.